increasing academic performance and scores


This program was absolutely fantastic for my son.  It took a while for him to get used to sitting down and studying via computer programming (about 3 days).  But once felt comfortable, I could not get him to stop!

∼ MW - A Tacoma, WA parent after the spring of the 14-15 school year tutoring of his 8th grade son

I really like the program and would like to continue working with you guys.

∼ JM - parent from Yakima, WA talking about her 2nd grade daughter's experience during the 14-15 school year

I loved that my kiddo wanted to use the iPad to work and was so proud of himself when he received 100% on the tasks.

∼ GR - parent of a 1st grader from Pasco, WA during the 14-15 school year.

I love this program it is our second time using them for our family.

∼ TR - mother of a 3rd and 6th grader from Spokane, WA during the 14-15 school year

Overall great customer service and tutoring.  Would definitely have Ma_____ enroll in Acadamia tutorng again :)

∼ SD - mother of a 3rd grader from Pasco, WA during the 14-15 school year

Gracia por darle la oportunidad a mi hija de entrar al programa (Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to enter the program).

∼ MR - parent of a 4th grader from Pasco, WA during the 14-15 school year

Muy bien programa mi hija aprendio mucho (great program my son learned much).

∼ NE - parent of a 2nd grader from Vancouver, WA during the 14-15 school year

HEY! I woke up this morning to an email.....saying my scores were in from the March ACT! I ended up with a 25!!! im so happy this was so much better than I thought I was going to do.  Im retaking it next Saturday and im going to try and bump up my score at least 1 or 2 more points if possible.  I got a 25 on the English, 23 on Math, 27 on reading and 24 on science.  (She scored a 19 on our ACT pre test before the prep class)

∼ M.R., one of our March 3, 2015 ACT students from Troy, MI

 I am impressed with the how detailed & specific the ACADAMIA e mails are, to improving the students ACT score.

∼ Parent of 2 students enrolled in our March 3, 2015 ACT class in Rochester, MI

Hi this is  SK. I feel that I benefited a lot from the Acadamia class at troy high school. I like how in the english and reading session the teacher split us up into groups and had us do the subject that we felt we needed most help in.  It helps a lot to interact with others in this type of study strategy. Also in math and science.  I liked how we could ask questions and get a nicely detailed answer.  Thanks to Joe Becker and the teachers for making this class possible.  Im sure my score will be great!

∼ From an 11th grade student enrolled in our March 3, 2015 ACT class at Troy High. His ACT composite score increased 10 points from pre to post test.

Hi Mr. Becker,

I was recently enrolled in your 6 week long course at Stoney Creek high school in Rochester, MI.  I am writing to you about Amanda Chappell, my instructor for English/Reading.  Previously taking your helpful class, I received a 23, 25, 25, and 25 on the ACT.  I hated it!  My goal was to get higher than a 27 when I first started off Junior year.  After being disappointed many times, I signed up for your class.  Mrs. Chappell is a wonderful instructor! I had a 25 on English previously and a 20 on Reading.  In order for my score to go up, I needed basically 5 points each on both. She thoroughly explained every English rule and gave me her cell so whenever I had questions when studying, I could text her them. 10 o'clock at night or 7 in the morning she would answer my questions.  On my June ACT, I earned a 29 on English. Reading was more challenging and it didn't help that my schedule interfered with the class.  Mrs. Chappell sent me online courses where I could make up my work. She was very easy going about my changing schedule.  As I said reading wasn't easy, but with her CPR method and Touchdown method I earned a 25 on reading. 5 points better!! I wanted to let you know how great of a teacher she is and how wonderful of a program you have.  It helps students like me improve my score, love the Act, and enjoy taking them all at the same time!!

Thank you again!  She's awesome!!

C. S.

∼ A courteous and unsolicited email from a Stoney Creek High School student who just received her ACT results from June 14th, 2014

Sydney received her scores today. Her composite was 17 on the March test. She scored 20 on the June test. She increased 2 pts in English, 2pts in Math, 4pts in Reading and 5 pts in Science.  

Thanks for helping her!

∼ Mother of an Oxford, MI high school student who took the June 14th, 2014 ACT exam and was enrolled in our Stoney Creek High class

My first daughter in 2013 took your group ACT class (Rochester, MI) and went from an ACT 27 to ACT of 30. My second daughter took your class  in 2014, her first ACT test was a 26 ,the next ACT test was a 30 also. Both the girls said going to the classes made all the difference. The instructors were very helpful, the techniques that where taught,the skill of timing and the concepts of test taking  helped them get a great ACT score and also improved their High school exam scores as a bonus.
          Thank you,  A.M.

∼ Mother of 2 daughters from Stoney Creek HS who enrolled in Acadamia's ACT Prep Class. Most recent daughter took the ACT exam on March 4, 2014

Hello, My son B..... participated in your preparation course last fall.  As a result of his past struggles and my conversations with you, we got B.... diagnosed with ADD.  The ACT Board was initially skeptical of our claims but was finally persuaded, in part by your communications which I was able to document.

B.... finally took the ACT with extended time in September.  Previously his scores had ranged from 19-23. 

This morning, when I turned it on I was greeted with the following news

Composite = 28: English - 26, Mathematics - 25, Reading - 33, Science 27

While the extra time made a huge difference, he prepared for this test by reviewing the materials from your course and going over the practice tests.  I cannot express my gratitude enough, as this will open to B..... many of the opportunities he previously thought closed.

With great appreciation,


∼ RR - a parent of an ACT student from our Rochester, MI class who took the ACT in March 2013


Thank you for your help with J...’s preparation for his ACT test.  We got his results back today and he scored a 30.  I am sure that your assistance helped him get there.  He scored a 35 on math, 32 on English, 27 on reading and a 25 in science.  

Donna was very helpful for J.... and we appreciate the time she spent with him.  She was able to work with him on the sections of the test where his scores have  been less than stellar. 

I think we’re all set for the tutoring.  Donna was effective and well worth it to us.  We would be happy to provide recommendations if you ever need any.

∼ JB - a one on one ACT test prep student from Livonia, MI who took the ACT in March 2013

Hello!  I got my ACT score back today and I got a 30! :)  I just wanted to thank you again for all the help.  I couldn't have done it without you.       

∼ A.S. - an ACT live, online student from Oxford, MI class who took the ACT in October 2013

"I'm a junior at Stoney Creek High School and I took the class several month ago.  I just want to mention that one teacher in particular, Mrs. Chappel, was an especially great help to me. I've stayed in touch with her and she's even helping me now figure out my options for college, which is incredibly helpful! Thank you again!........I just wanted to let you know that your ACT classes were extremely helpful to me! I was able to boost my score several points to a thirty, which was my goal score so that I can get into the college I want. Thank you so much for all your help! I will definitely be recommending this class to my younger sister and others who are going to be taking the ACT in the future" 

∼ KF - an ACT student from our Rochester, MI class who took the ACT in March 2013

"He's told me this prep has been so worthwhile for him! And my husband and I have been very impressed.  You can quote us as well."

∼ C.D. - An email from a parent of ACT Test Prep student, Roseville, MN April 2013

“I think the program is an effective tool to enhance scores”

∼ Parent of an ACT Test Prep student from Rochester, MI in response to our surveys - April 2012

“She raised her composite score 5 points!  Thank you so much!”

∼ Parent of ACT Test Prep from Troy, MI student in response to our surveys - April 2012

“Loved the weekly emails, the online chat review, and the follow-up with immediate assistance”

∼ Parent of ACT Test Prep student in response to our surveys - October 2012

“We have 4 more kids and would like them to take the course – please consider family discounts : ) “

∼ Parent of ACT Test Prep student in response to our surveys - July 2012

“I wouldn’t change anything.  Excellent program.  My other children will be attending too when it’s time.  I really appreciated the confidence you gave my son about the exam.  He was relaxed, confident and ready.  His score came up 3 points, I am grateful! Thank you!”

∼ Parent of ACT Test Prep student from Farmignton Hills, MI in response to our surveys - March 2012

.... You won't believe it, but I got every question right on the reading portion of the Practice ACT we took (at school) yesterday! I couldn't believe it! .......But now I'm spending a quiet evening tonight going through some Skill Builders, timing myself with most, and just trying to get my reading speed up. 

∼ E.N. - ACT Test Prep student from Livonia, MI Feb 2013

Kevon says the program helped him school.  He learned and understood things better in school.  Thanks to this program he got better grades and passed on to 7th grade.  He has always loved the tutorials and I have seen a struggling student improve and pass on to the next grades since he has been with your program.  Thanks for everything.  We are forever grateful.

∼ Mother of a 6th grader from Gary, IN July 2009 (her son was enrolled with us for 6 straight years!)

Sebastian rec'd his scores - can you please share with Shannon and Joe.  Science hurt him but his improvement in math and english are astounding.  He was very sick when he took it so it could have been worse.  Thanks again for helping us get him prepped.

∼ ACT test prep mother of a student from Stillwater, MN October 2012 (his ACT composite score went from a 17 to a 23)

All three of my children are A-B students and honor roll students year round because of this great tutoring service.  Thank you from a proud and very satisfied mother.

∼ Mother of 1st, 4th and 5th grader from Toledo, OH June 2007 (she was a customer for 5 straight years!)

I was very satisfied with Acadamia.  It is a great online tutoring program.  My child enjoyed doing the tutoring sessions throughout the year.  We are looking forward to next year's tutoring.

∼ Parent of an 8th grader from Zanesville, OH May 2011

This was the best program for my daughter.  She really enjoyed the tutorial program and she states that she can't wait until it is offered again.  Thanks Acadamia!

∼ Parent of a 7th grader from Jackson, MS July 2011

The staff was helpful and upfront and the program was amazing.  Hope we can get accepted next year.  Can't wait.

∼ Parent of a 4th grader from Lorain, OH July 2011

I would recommend this program to other parents because this program really does help your child to have better progress in school.  And I thank you all for each and everything that you have done for my child in tutoring. And God Bless you for everything.

∼ Parent of 12th grader from Wrightsville, GA June 2009

I think this is a great program for young children.

∼ Parent of a 1st grader from Bethel, OH May 2011

Thank you for this great program.  I would like it if my child could continue with this program for help in the high school.  Thanks!

∼ Mother of an 8th grader from Wenatchee, WA July 2010

Thanks!  to everyone who was involved with implementing this service.  My son's grades have vastly improved.

∼ Parent of a 2nd grader from Flint, MI June 2007

It was a wonderful opportunity!  It helped my daughter get all A's her last term!  Thank you.

∼ Mother of a 7th grader from Jackson, MS June 2011

My daughter grade improved in math from a D- to a B+.  The staff was great!  Thanks for everything!

∼ Parent of a 6th grader from Augusta, GA June 2007

I like the way you put school work on for her to be able to do.  When you adjust it for her so she can understand it makes her happy.

∼ Parent of a 3rd grader from Columbus, OH May 2011

I really think this program has done a lot for my son.  He has really enjoyed the tutoring.

∼ Parent of a 1st grader from Rapid City, SD March 2012

LaMarr has truly enjoyed the online tutoring.  At times, when he realized the lesson, he breezed through the study part saying he knew what was expected.

∼ Parent of a 2nd grader from Toledo, OH June 2009

I think this is one of the best programs Richmond County Schools has and I will have my third grade child do the same thing.  I have already told my friends and family.

∼ Parent of a 6th grader from Augusta, GA July 2009

I am so excited to tell you I got a 28 on the ACT I took!!!!  Thank you so much for all your help. I have about 6 ACT books at my house and have taken 3 classes and had a private reading tudor; this is the one class that boosted my score from a 25 to a 28. I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your day, not including the regular classes, and meeting with me to work on things. Obviously our hard work together paid off!  I will strongly recommend this class to my friends taking the test next year.
Thank you again :)

∼ Mike O