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Our mission is to to become a leader in providing effective, affordable ACT test preparation services to families who may not have afforded this is the past.

In addition, we are striving to provide underprivileged children in grade levels K-12 a resource where they can improve their understanding of selected subjects without intimidating circumstances or atmospheres. We would like to increase the overall percentages of children passing the state's basic skills test one child at a time. Children of all cultural groups, all grade levels and especially in financially challenged households deserve every opportunity to improve their education regardless of their parent’s perceived status in today’s society.

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Hello, My son B..... participated in your preparation course last fall.  As a result of his past struggles and my conversations with you, we got B.... diagnosed with ADD.  The ACT Board was initially skeptical of our claims but was finally persuaded, in part by your communications which I was able to document.

B.... finally took the ACT with extended time in September.  Previously his scores had ranged from 19-23. 

This morning, when I turned it on I was greeted with the following news

Composite = 28: English - 26, Mathematics - 25, Reading - 33, Science 27

While the extra time made a huge difference, he prepared for this test by reviewing the materials from your course and going over the practice tests.  I cannot express my gratitude enough, as this will open to B..... many of the opportunities he previously thought closed.

With great appreciation,


∼ RR - a parent of an ACT student from our Rochester, MI class who took the ACT in March 2013