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Welcome New and Future ACT Test Prep Students!

As you are well aware the ACT test score can account for up to 45% of your college admission criteria.  Attending and participating in all of our classes will help you achieve your highest score possible.   Knowledge Is Power the saying goes and at Acadamia we provide A LOT of knowledge in order for the students to raise their ACT scores.  However, you can get all the knowledge or information you want about the ACT test and raising their scores by simply going online anywhere and read as there are many resources available today.  Our classroom and online courses provides an exciting, fun experience where we strive for an engaging, supportive atmosphere with a high amount of group participation.  We have many tricks including selective small group and pairing exercises for peer review and instruction and on occasion an Alex Trebek imposter will show up for some good ol' competitive game show action with outstanding and cheesy prizes!  Not only will we provide effective and solid ACT test taking knowledge our classes will always have professionalism, enthusiasm, encouragement, group support, and the opportunity to ask questions without intimidation.  Our instructors are trained to work with students one on one where needed to provide that individual attention and support.  It is our belief that Knowledge + Engagement + Fun = Success and if you think you will excel in a class like this then go ahead and enroll today or call our office for more information.You might want to consider our online course.  This is an excellent opportunity to receive quality instruction that is the next bes thing to the classroom experience in the convenience of your home.  The ACT test can be an intimidating and exhausting exam but by completing your homework and attending all classes you will find it can be mastered and scoring well is quite possible.

Practice Tests

Need a practice test to see how you will do on the real ACT test?  You can even take the test in the convenience of your own home.  Register for our $10 practice tests now by calling 1-866-320-4753 or checking our our 'Live Online' in the class section by clicking here.

Welcome New K-12 Online Students!

Please be diligent and timely in completing your assignments, as it is our goal is to assist you in becoming a top student in your class. You will first be given an assessment to determine where we should start. Don't get frustrated if you don't know the answers as we are interested in your areas of improvement. The assignments will then be generated and provided for you to complete. Good luck and happy learning!

To begin, go to the "Student Login" on the Home page. Enter your Log On Name. No Password is required. Your Log On Name consists of your first name followed by your last name then your grade level, all separated by spaces. For example, if your name is Oscar Meyer and you are in the 5th grade, you would enter the following:
Username: Oscar Meyer 5

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Hi Mr. Becker,

I was recently enrolled in your 6 week long course at Stoney Creek high school in Rochester, MI.  I am writing to you about Amanda Chappell, my instructor for English/Reading.  Previously taking your helpful class, I received a 23, 25, 25, and 25 on the ACT.  I hated it!  My goal was to get higher than a 27 when I first started off Junior year.  After being disappointed many times, I signed up for your class.  Mrs. Chappell is a wonderful instructor! I had a 25 on English previously and a 20 on Reading.  In order for my score to go up, I needed basically 5 points each on both. She thoroughly explained every English rule and gave me her cell so whenever I had questions when studying, I could text her them. 10 o'clock at night or 7 in the morning she would answer my questions.  On my June ACT, I earned a 29 on English. Reading was more challenging and it didn't help that my schedule interfered with the class.  Mrs. Chappell sent me online courses where I could make up my work. She was very easy going about my changing schedule.  As I said reading wasn't easy, but with her CPR method and Touchdown method I earned a 25 on reading. 5 points better!! I wanted to let you know how great of a teacher she is and how wonderful of a program you have.  It helps students like me improve my score, love the Act, and enjoy taking them all at the same time!!

Thank you again!  She's awesome!!

C. S.

∼ A courteous and unsolicited email from a Stoney Creek High School student who just received her ACT results from June 14th, 2014