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ACT Test Prep

Did you know...
Typically, an ACT score will account for about 45% of the criteria considered by colleges, universities or other post-secondary schools when considering applicants.  Another 45% is G.P.A. while the remaining 10% is extra-curricular activities.  In other words - your ACT score is just as important as your over-all G.P.A.!  While colleges, universities and other post-secondary schools consider a number of factors in the admission process, many schools offer scholarship money based on ACT test scores.  Raising a score by even a few points often leads to scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars PER YEAR.  Bottom line - ACT test prep more than pays for itself in many cases. 

Knowledge Is Power the saying goes and at Acadamia we provide A LOT of knowledge in order for the students to raise their ACT scores.  However, any student can get all the knowledge or information they want about the ACT test and raising their scores by simply going online anywhere and read as there are many resources available today.  Our classroom and online courses provides the students an exciting, fun experience where we strive for an engaging, supportive atmosphere with a high amount of group participation.  We have many tricks including selective small group and pairing exercises for peer review and instruction and on occasion an Alex Trebek imposter will show up for some good ol' competitive game show action with outstanding and cheesy prizes!  Not only will we provide effective and solid ACT test taking knowledge our classes will always have professionalism, enthusiasm, encouragement, group support, and the opportunity to ask questions without intimidation.  Our instructors are trained to work with identified students one on one where needed to provide that individual attention and support.  It is our belief that Knowledge + Engagement + Fun = Success and if you think you or your child will excel in a class like this then go ahead and enroll today or call our office for more information.  

We are pleased to introduce Acadamia's new 3 point minimum guarantee.  Ok, we've been around the ACT test prep block now for several years and we've helped hundreds of students increase their scores and have seen huge gains.  So much so that we are now ready to put our money where our mouth is.  If your child's ACT score does NOT increase by at least 3 points from our pre test to post test or from these official retired ACT tests to the actual ACT test they can enroll in our live online class at NO CHARGE ($399 value).  Of course we'll have to receive the actual test results but now you can relax as we are going to help your child score their very best on the ACT with the help of our motivated instructors.


We know that with all the scheduling issues and challenging social agendas you may need to cancel a class and as long as the class hasn't started you are entitled to a full refund.  Also, if the class minimum (usually 3 or 4) isn't met a full refund will be issued as well.


Need a practice test to see how you will do on the real ACT test? 

Register now by visiting our 'online classes' page or by calling 1-866-320-4753.  Currently we are offering ractice ACT exams that you can take in your home.  We will send you a test booklet and answer sheets and once your child logs on to the provided link we will proctor the exam via webcam and provide all the instructions.  This is the next best thing to the actual classroom experience but without the hectic drive or commute time.  Once complete you simply send us the answer sheets and we'll provide a detailed full report of the test results within days.  This report breaks down the results so that your child's ACT instructor can tailor their instruction for maximum effectiveness.  Call today for more information or for the next test date.

Class Options

We understand....between basketball, lacrosse, music lessons and all the various weekly clubs, how are you going to find time for ACT test prep classes?  Well, no problem! - we've got 4 different course options to suit your needs.

Standard Class: Our most popular class is both effective and affordable at just $399 per student for ACT Test Prep. You will not find a better value for 20 hours of test preparation! Click here for details.

One-on-One Tutoring:  At $1,199 our individual tutoring is one of the most effective out there for ACT Test Prep. Click here for details.

Online: is now offering our Standard and One-on-One tutoring sessions online!  Click here for details.

Crash Course:  We have 2 day 8 hour classes to 2 week 12 hour classes for the last minute shoppers.  Click here for details.

Class start dates and locations.

To be hired by Acadamia, our instructors must have a college degree in the related field they are teaching - either math/science or English/reading and they must have scored an overall composite score of at least a 29 on the ACT.  All instructors must complete a training session that focuses on effective initial motivation, effective classroom instruction, intervention procedures, parent communication and administration.  On average our instructors complete a 3 hour professional development course every quarter (3 months).  All instructors are required to be heavily monitored and evaluated to ensure high value classroom instruction is provided to all students. 

Not only do we focus on knowledge and competence, our instructors must also pass the very rigorous 11th grader snoozology test.  If, during our evaluation and monitoring, we find the instruction may lead to an increase of sleepiness or the possibility of losing a student to 'lala land', we'll have the instructor reinvigorate their lesson plan.  We do this by requiring them to sit and watch 10 continuous hours of Richard Simmon's exercise videos.  Actually, we don't take it to this level but we do discuss a change in approach as we are talking about instructing mostly 11th graders, a pretty tough audience at times.  Anyway, you get the idea of our requirements and standards.  

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Overall great customer service and tutoring.  Would definitely have Ma_____ enroll in Acadamia tutorng again :)

∼ SD - mother of a 3rd grader from Pasco, WA during the 14-15 school year